Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink DAY

This morning i chatted with " Che Wilks" and she reminded me about Pink Friday ..Kewl!
I just had a thought that i took some photos of Allana wearing Pink which is this Photo that i posted .. Actually, i forgot how to make it work or how to post in 'PINK friday" column..
So .. this is a simple way that i can do it ... :) HAPPY PINK FRIDAY

Thursday, August 27, 2009

little Model

I have been lazy for a couple of weeks .. churi:)
But anyway, i have some photos of our little cowGIRL..
See always stike a pose everytime she see me holding
the camera ... thats kinda funny to me the way she act at her age .
Her name is Allanna , she is 4 years old and a grand daughter
of hubby..

Friday, August 7, 2009

kikay !!

The stuffs that makes me prettier.. char!

Photo: Kristine Derequito

Centennial Olympic Park

285 International Blvd NW

Atlanta, GA 30313

Tel: +1 404 222 7275

This park, created for the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, has 21 acres of green space, rock gardens and artwork. The nearly 500,000 commemorative bricks that make up its main walkway were part of fund raising efforts for the Games. During scorching Atlanta summers, children frolic in the ground-level Olympic Rings, which periodically shoot streaming arcs of water in time to the seven light and music concerts put on throughout the day. Flags honoring the nations that have played host to the Olympics in the past surround the fountain. Free admission.

Is'nt that nice ???:) sOme one emailed me and asked me if they can use my photo i agree for free,lol... but it makes me happy though and proud that i can take a good pictures.. :) they've seen it in my Flickr page. Keep Up!!
Thanks for reading

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I realized

Its been awhile na di ako nakapagpost aside sa video from our vacation.
I was tinamad Lng talaga, even my farm town di ko na masyado pinupuntahan. Pero i still think of my blog sometimes din esp. pag may problem ako, lonely lalo na pg alone ako.. Like tonight i am not feeling so good uhmmm since yesterday pa to' .. I haven't talk much. Ganito lang talaga ako pagka marami akong iniisip.

(Nakakaloka )

I always feel bad talaga pg pressure ako isa dito is yung la nga akong work , walang sariling pera at malayong malayo ako sa pamilya ko . I realized how selfish i am kung bat pinili ko kc ung US keysa Pinas . Sa dami ng nagyari sa buhay ko di ko na alam kong maswerte nga ba ako o talagang ganito lang ako,. I had a lot of expectation before ako pumunta dito but none of them happened.

Naisip ko nga na ang sama ko pala before ako dumating ng US di mn lng ako bumalik sa parents ko to tell them na "aalis na ung maganda anak nyo" sa sobrang excited ko sa state eto napala ko la nangyari sa buhay ko . Stand by pa rin like nung sa Pinas pa ako.
Don't know nga if may mangyayari ba sa future ko... And parang ang layo ko Ky Lord..

I hate thinking about it. :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Vacation

I had a really good time on our recent trip to Cocoa Beach Florida. I took many pictures and learned to board surf. The waves were very big on our second day, and all the surfers were out.

Ronnie and I had a great time...hope you like the video..

Monday, July 13, 2009

the monkeys

I guess this is funny video even though i do not understand what their talking about... lol

Friday, July 10, 2009

I like and love Pink. :)

Its my pleassure to be part of the " ". I know this gonna be fun .:)
I like my new candie's mini skirt with pink and blue stripe. Pretty good!!!wE got this on sale 6 Bucks (was 28bucks)..

And a special thanks to Chie Wilks who helps me about this Pink Fridays matter .:)

HApPy PiNK FriDaY!:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The beauty

"the Beauty of a Woman is not
in the clothes she wears,
the figure that she carries,
or the way she combs her hair.

The Beauty of a woman must be seen in Her Eyes,
because that is the doorway to Her Heart
- the place where Love resides."

Fancy and cute

Our Dream house .. Ronnie & Kris

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't know !!!

If you love some one because
You think that he or she is really gorgeous...
Then it's not love..

If you love some one because
You think that you shouldn't leave her because
Others think that you shouldn't ...
Then it's not love..
It's - COMPROMISE. . .

If you love some one because
You have been kissed by h
Then it's not love..

If you love some one because
You cannot leave her thinking that it would hurt his feelings ..
Then it's not love ..
It's - CHARITY. . .

If you love some one because
You share every thing with her ...
Then it's not love..
It's - FRIENDSHIP. . .

But if you feel the pain of the other person
More than her even when she is nt sharing
wid u and if you cry for her ..

That's - '''''LOVE'''''.....

4rth of July 09

Happy birthday AMERICA .... I like to play sparklers while Ronnie was busy taking picture of me ..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LovE my new shoeSi...:)

Hey.... Its my lucky day today coz i got what i like..A slingback wedge sandal. The strap is so pinky cute and pretty high .. wetweow!!!I get this for only 10 bucks. Kewl! I just can't help it but to take pic of it..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

wishing ...

I wish i can have the puppy soon..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chef kris

Wazz up guys.. Know what???

I cooked chicken for Ronnie's dinner tonight and believe me i did good . He liked it ..Woohooo.
Its just a simple sweet and sour chicken . Honestly i just invented that kind of cooking ..He calls it great chicken ."Krisse's chicken "wohoooo. He had some corn and fries to go with it . I know when i am watching him eating he enjoyed the chicken ..

I am just ambitious girl who want to cook perfectly like chef does. lol
It sound funny if i say chef Kris but i like the idea. I never taste my chicken, maybe next time .


Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's your summer look

Hey Guys, this is my cute summer hairstyle that is feminine, easy to maintain, shiny and sexy. This is the good season , good time as often .

I always had a long hair but now is the time to try out new. I just wanted to keep my hair clean. And i think this is a great way that my hair will grow back healthy and strong.

Well this is just a simple style. A little bit below on my shoulder and shorter at the bacK ,layered and have bangs. I personally have the plans of short hair but i don't really mind coz my hair grows quick. So i am thinking now if i put some color on my hair . (THINKING)

Easy but yummy

The invented chips snack of Ronnie. Here Are the ingredients:
1. Santinas (aunthentic mexican chips)
2.Black berry
3.cheddar cheese
4. small cuts of tomatoes Or u can use Salsa
5.Green dice japalenos
HeRe is my favorite pinoy snack( Fried banana)
1. slice of banana
2. cooking Oil
3. brown sugar

I like his snack , he like mine too... but i like saging better lol i am craving so much of (pritong saging) Ever! The banana here is unlike in the pinas but it taste same when u just cook it right.

Beach time

These Photos was taken last Sept.08 in Bohol beach club resort the second visit of Ron , we decided to spend time in the beachand he checked on net about this lovely beach. It was pretty cool, a romantic place for lovers, exclusive, so nice and so relaxing . I remembered in the morning when we went out to see the seashell on the seashore haha and the big colorful starfishes. I always think about going to the beach or even in the lake . I like warm water. This reminds me of the summer in Philippines.
I am sure u will enjoy Your stay In Bohol Beach .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moments with Friends..FuN....FuN.. FuN

We had a picnic yesterday in the lake and was ended in the pool. Pretty hottie!!!. And Erick the Pinoy chef who cooked the perfect sinigang ever. And i got a chance to eat (pritong saging)yehey!!.. they brought foods and i guess i am the only one who did'nt bring anything. (So ashameful) I just go with the flow, eat and swim with them .But it was fun having with good pinay friends from different place in the world. Like theM!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

got love in our tummy

Watteau yummy bbq pork, hamburger and chicken leg..We went to Walmart las week and bought some groceries and the small grilling pot.(not sure ):) It cooked pretty good. We had bbq for lunch then we eat the wmelon alittle bit later in the afternoon .KAINAN NA!

Matter of learning

Here are ten tips that help me with my blog writing.

  1. Make your opinion known
  2. Write less
  3. 250 Words is enough
  4. Make Headlines snappy
  5. Write with passion
  6. Include Bullet point lists
  7. Edit your post
  8. Make your posts easy to scan
  9. Be consistent with your style
  10. Litter the post with keywords

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy father's day tatay.
I am missing U a lot. This might be late for me to greet you
but i just promise one thing
I'll always be ur good pretty girl.Love u tay

Just another day In the Lake

I almost caught this geese kissing .hihi. It form a long heart to me though. I took this pic yesterday when we were on the lake, Ronnie was feeding them some crackers.. Geese and ducks are everywhere yesterday.. that's really cool!
It was a nice day yesterday since its sunny , water was warm,clear and shallow,not many people in the lake ,making some castle,:) kids are happy swimming just like me , Ron , and Reese.
Hope u'all got to spend time in the lake too.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

imac vs. laptop

Its another day again 20th saturday 20 minutes till eleven in the morning . hahai. We woke up late today :) i took shower and make coffee, watched news and put the dirty clothes in laundry.
Its time now to check my blog ..

I try to check my blog on the laptop see if its gonna work, when i look my blog i started to freak out co'z the words are so small which i could hardly read them .(ohh man)!! I was thinking its bco'z i set up my account in IMac .But then now i need to change the font and sizes to make it looks good.
_(holy crap! I can't believe it i guess i'll just use laptop from now on.

But anyway, thanks for all comments that i get today i really appreciate them ,it makes me do better. God bless ANYONE ..:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

crazy night !!

It's almost 10 pm before we went to bed last night. When i lay down its like i don't feel sleepy. Its not because its Hot or the sounds of the addict fan but Arrrrrr... i wanted to sleep that time coz i need to wake up at 4am .
I played the Ipod touch, checked my friendship site and do some games on it too. I went down to drink water and so i can open the computer for awhile trying to check my ym if one of my sis were online but they're not, so i turn it off.
Then i get back to bed then i fall asleep.

I guess i over think of going to the lake again and thinking about what am gonna in the next morning .
Thats one thing i don't like "gusto ko nang matulog di ako dalawin ng antok sa dami ng iniisip ko"kakainis!!

i just like Pink

I just wanna show these pink stuffs of mine .:) The teddy pink bear was from my frIend Melchora last Feb. heart's day. I like it a lot co'z its pink and its really cute. The purse gift for my 22nd bday and the swimsuit(AdDas) are from myloves . PiNK.. PINK..pInk....Ohhhhh Pink.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i love Bunny

If i am not mistaken, my belly button piercing is 5 months old.. I don't know what came into my mind that i decided to do this. It tickled at first, then hurts sometimes . I rarely clean it ...haha but its ok now . hopefully i can buy more navel rings soon ..

My favorite song.. Take time to watch!

(Kilig moments) hehe I love this video a lot, they look good together.. AWESOME!!

10 WaYs To kNoW iF ItS LoVE

10. DoEs nOt say, 'me fIrSt!
9.BELiEVEs tHe bEst AbOuT oTHerS.
8.DoEs not'KEEP ScOrE' Of thE BaD thIngS thAt oThErs Do.
7.DOes not TeAr DoWn oTHerS.
6.IS Not ConcietEd.
5.Is PaTiEnt WoTH oTHer EVen they Are AnNOTING.
4.Is not HaPPy WhEN sOMeONe HetS hurt.
3. HeLps OTHers, evEN iF ItS inconviniENT.
2. CeLeBrAteS thE suCCESS oF oTHeRs.
1. NEVER QUITS....:)

cutipie KARR

Air Supply - Someone Who Believes In You lyrics | LyricsMode.comThis is such a wonderful song .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Flickr page click here

This is where I keep my recent pictures...hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

flowers for today

Its summer time here now the flowers are completely blooming . its really nice to see them .

My younger sistah Jut, and older sis Jane.

my sis Jane ...some people say i am the prettiest among us . hahahhah. kakahiya naman to iibahin ko nga . Honestly pretty talaga mga sis ko but not as pretty as me . hehhehe

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gone fishing!!!

Our first little vacation together with my Reese and Ronnie IN THE LAKE.. We traveled for 2 hours from our house. I love this place ..This place was real cute . As you can see on the other photo was i patiently waiting for Fish. We really enjoyed sitting on the dock watching the water , the boat passes bY. its good to be out sometimes especially summer time . WaRM day!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


100% PINAY.. Theres no other place like Pinas!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

tHe cAnoe

Canoe is a lot of fun ....

being here:)

I love being here . i enjoyed a lot of stuff like going out with friends, taking pictures and outdoors. This photo was taken last month in kEnnesaw mountain TRill. The place was so cool and its overlooking the county. I remember its the beginning of the spring time so quite a bit hot but it was perfect day for me .. Just a little bit pose and cute smile ...

my photographs collection

It was a perfect sunny day somewhere in the park where we always went to.. hunnybo asked me to take picture of the flower and i did. This is it.:) I always want to take a good photographs. Nature is the best one ..