Saturday, June 20, 2009

imac vs. laptop

Its another day again 20th saturday 20 minutes till eleven in the morning . hahai. We woke up late today :) i took shower and make coffee, watched news and put the dirty clothes in laundry.
Its time now to check my blog ..

I try to check my blog on the laptop see if its gonna work, when i look my blog i started to freak out co'z the words are so small which i could hardly read them .(ohh man)!! I was thinking its bco'z i set up my account in IMac .But then now i need to change the font and sizes to make it looks good.
_(holy crap! I can't believe it i guess i'll just use laptop from now on.

But anyway, thanks for all comments that i get today i really appreciate them ,it makes me do better. God bless ANYONE ..:)

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