Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's your summer look

Hey Guys, this is my cute summer hairstyle that is feminine, easy to maintain, shiny and sexy. This is the good season , good time as often .

I always had a long hair but now is the time to try out new. I just wanted to keep my hair clean. And i think this is a great way that my hair will grow back healthy and strong.

Well this is just a simple style. A little bit below on my shoulder and shorter at the bacK ,layered and have bangs. I personally have the plans of short hair but i don't really mind coz my hair grows quick. So i am thinking now if i put some color on my hair . (THINKING)


nurseabie said...

You new look is great. Bagay sayo.

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

i love your new look tin..i like your new hair..I wish i can cut my hair a little..kay kapoi na kaau ning taas, especially after bath..taman nman sa lubi naku ni akong buhok oi

KrisRonian said...

hehe na try ba che am sure u look good pud . gwapa gud ta noh ..pero i like ur hair sad che ky long and shiny.. anyway, thanks che