Friday, June 19, 2009

crazy night !!

It's almost 10 pm before we went to bed last night. When i lay down its like i don't feel sleepy. Its not because its Hot or the sounds of the addict fan but Arrrrrr... i wanted to sleep that time coz i need to wake up at 4am .
I played the Ipod touch, checked my friendship site and do some games on it too. I went down to drink water and so i can open the computer for awhile trying to check my ym if one of my sis were online but they're not, so i turn it off.
Then i get back to bed then i fall asleep.

I guess i over think of going to the lake again and thinking about what am gonna in the next morning .
Thats one thing i don't like "gusto ko nang matulog di ako dalawin ng antok sa dami ng iniisip ko"kakainis!!


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

mao na nay gitawag og insomia hehehehehe kapoi ang body pero ang mind active pa kaau...iinom ranag gatas tin

KrisRonian said...

thanks che , kato r nga time ky gbie ok nmn ko. ok na ka?