Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 WaYs To kNoW iF ItS LoVE

10. DoEs nOt say, 'me fIrSt!
9.BELiEVEs tHe bEst AbOuT oTHerS.
8.DoEs not'KEEP ScOrE' Of thE BaD thIngS thAt oThErs Do.
7.DOes not TeAr DoWn oTHerS.
6.IS Not ConcietEd.
5.Is PaTiEnt WoTH oTHer EVen they Are AnNOTING.
4.Is not HaPPy WhEN sOMeONe HetS hurt.
3. HeLps OTHers, evEN iF ItS inconviniENT.
2. CeLeBrAteS thE suCCESS oF oTHeRs.
1. NEVER QUITS....:)


Jacky said...

thanks for the visit,.. im here in dearborn (suburb of detroit) Michigan. My husband originally from NYC pero nadito yung work nya sa MI so nadito kami ngayon.. how about you?

KrisRonian said...

ahh i see. am in GA now. maganda cguro yan noh ? thanks nag pala huh